Real-time Digital Signage for Stream It Edge Appliances

Digital Signage

It is nearly impossible to avoid engaging with digital signage throughout everyday life; whether it’s a waiting room for your physician, passing by shops, or at work. People, and especially public transit riders, are accustomed to seeing and depending on digital signage in all aspects of society.

Stream It’s real-time digital signage solution is an affordable solution that creates an easy process for designing and publishing relevant and timely content. Stream It’s solution doesn’t just mimic print media; it actively increases engagement by delivering your message dynamically and in context with location while creating a far better user experience than ever before.

In advertising, it’s often said that half your budget is wasted; you just don’t know which half. Stream It’s Digital Signage is unlike any other because it fully integrates with Stream It Edge Appliances which provide unique analytics.

Deeply Integrated

Digital Signage is a Stream It app; it leverages the real-time SlipStream™ architecture to provide timely and relevant content that is continuously updated.

As an integrated app, it enjoys seamless access to critical location and event data known by every Stream It Edge Appliance and the Stream It Cloud. This makes it possible for our Digital Signage solution to know [in real-time] precisely where each display screen is and where it will be in the near term, providing geolocation and time-sensitive information to provide ideal consumer experiences.

Stream It’s Digital Signage is built on an award-winning and well-tested platform. By leveraging years of user experience feedback for signage projects, Stream It’s integrated solution provides enterprise-grade content management features that make it easy to create impressive, engaging digital signs to drive messaging with precision. And because it is cloud-based, there are no servers or software to be installed or administered onsite, so you can be up and running quickly without administration.

Rider Analytics

As an app extension in the Stream It solution, analytics are synced with every display segment and stored into ElasticSearch in real-time. Stream It’s digital signage solution removes speculation about the nature of viewers and advertising impressions because it can leverage existing on-board AI (artificial intelligence) systems and video analytics such as people counting and specific demographic attributes. Using advanced AI algorithms, the Edge Appliance is able to use its existing array of high-resolution cameras to learn more about your signage viewers.

By understanding the demographics of your riders you can optimize digital signage content and advertising to suit the rider audience during different time segments of the day, and in different parts of your route.

With female ridership dominating the 10am to 11am period and then again from 2pm to 4p, content and ads should be slightly biased toward women. If we further break this data down by route and direction of travel, high-precision targeting is possible across the transit network.

Similar analytics are available by age estimates. Stream It’s cameras and onboard AI capabilities empower you to segment your transit ridership across age categories. In this example, there is compelling data that shows a large bubble of riders 25 to 44 years of age are on the move.

Stream It’s capacity to customize what it can recognize in rider attributes may include types of clothing, what they’re carrying, and even family clusters.

For example, advertisements in the morning could include the time to the next few bus stops and the coffee shops near those stops with the locations displayed on a map relative to the bus stop. This type of highly focused and relevant advertising is more valuable to the customer and the advertiser, and increased potential advertising revenue.